Welcome to Tom's Lovebird Farm in Perris California
Specializing in the Turquoise and the *Blue (True Blue) mutation and *Albino mutation

Hi, my name is Tom. I am located in Perris California. I like to thank everyone for visiting this site and making this site one of the most popular lovebird websites in the world.

If you want to know about what I have available, you can join my new Facebook Forum for faster updates at Tom's Lovebird Farm.

You can also visit my Facebook Page at Tom's Lovebird Farm for some of the tamed baby lovebirds. Anyone wanting to learn more about lovebirds and have lovebird questions, we now have the American Lovebird Society.

If you want to know more and learn more about Parrotlets, you can go to my other Parrotlet Paradise

I specialized mainly on the turquoise mutations and the *blue/*albino mutations because they are one of the newest mutations on the Peachface lovebirds right now. You can read up more on them on the bird mutation page. If you are looking for just the normal mutations like the greens and lutino, I would recommend just contact your local lovebird breeders.

For those that wants to buy lovebirds over the internet, I do recommend that you do your research about that person first including myself. There are a lot of scams that go on and you have to be careful.

For those that have not seen my place in person, I would like to let you know that my birds are raised outside and are exposed to the natural environments. My place is opened to the public and therefore, I have people that brings their birds to my place all the time. With that said, if you are thinking about purchasing birds from me, I do not guarantee my birds whether they have prexisting diseases or not. I do not guarantee the sex of the birds either. Everything is just a guess unless they are proven. However, I do guarantee them for two weeks from the date of purchased for exchange or replacement. There is no refund. However, this only applies to local customers. If the birds have to be shipped, birds are placed in the cargo area where all different types of birds have been before. Therefore, I can only guarantee that the birds will be there alive.

Though there are a lot of dangers out there, but I have done my part and done enough research to feel comfortable allowing friends and customers to come over even with their birds. Our birds are as strong as any lovebirds out there. It's not luck because I keep out crossing my lovebirds as much as possible for them to have strong immune system to combat diseases naturally on their own.

Just remembered that whatever viruses or bacteria we have in captivity, it's also in the wild. And the only way wild birds can overcome any disease is with a stronger immune system. Nature finds it's own balance. You can read more on some common diseases and some of the more dangerous one on the disease sections.

I have been breeding lovebirds for over a decade already. For those that just getting started with the lovebirds, the lovebirds are one of the few species that have so many different varieties and colors. Whether you are just a beginner or a long time lovebird breeder, there are practically almost endless possibilities you can do with them. That is why I specialized in them because it's very exciting.

I try to create this website to be a self-helped center. Whatever is not here it means, it not for the public to know.

If you have any questions or comments about my birds or web page, please email me lovebirdfarms@yahoo.com. Or, you can click on the contact page.

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