First and foremost, I like to thank my wife and daugther for the supports they have giving me and allowing me to have this hobby. Without them, this hobby of mine would have not been possible. And I also thank you all those have bought birds from me and keep coming back to get me. Without you, this hobby would not be possible either. And I thank all those have helped me along to get this far. I have met allow of friends doing what I enjoyed. Some have turned to great and closed friends of mine as well.

Second, for those who plan to buy anything on the Internet, please make sure you are able to contact that person on the phone and do background checks on the company if possible. There are a lot of scams going on and you need to do your parts before you start blaming everyone else.

Just something worthy to mention, we are starting a Lovebird Club in Southern California for anyone who has lovebirds. This is for the family environment. We are just testing to see how many are really interested to join which will most likely launch sometimes between March to May. There is a fee of $25 to join for a 12 month period. There will be Potluck, raffles, bird shows, and bird exhibitions for everyone to enjoy. These are just things to get started.

American International Lovebird Society

Now, I want to introduce myself. My name is Tom. I have been breeding lovebirds over 10 years already and I specialized in the lovebirds only. I am located in Perris California. Anyone wanting to come and visit my place, just email me. Make sure you write down your email correctly. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to response back.

And for anyone thinking of purachasing birds from me, I do not guarantee that these birds do not have any preexisting disease. Those are things that we cannot see. Because my aviaries are exposed to the natural environment. I also have customers and friends that bring birds in to my aviary. Therefore, I do not test for any diseases. When birds are shipped, they are placed in the cargo area where all other birds have been before. However, my birds are guarantee for two weeks for exchange or replacement. There is no refund. Also, if you want a second opinion from a Avian Vet for health certificates, we are happy to do that. But you have to pay that in advance.


Though there are a lot of dangers out there, but I have done my part and done enough research to feel comfortable allowing friends and customers to come over even with their birds. Our birds are as strong as any lovebirds out there. It's not luck because I keep out crossing my lovebirds as much as possible for them to have strong immune system to combat diseases naturally on their own.

Just remembered that whatever viruses or bacteria we have in captivity, it's also in the wild. And the only way wild birds can overcome any disease is with a stronger immune system. Nature finds it's own balance.

Please read these articles and decide on your own when you are purchasing birds from us or anyone else. Polyoma and PBFD are like the common cold. There are two sides to everything. So, please read these two articles first before proceeding with any order:



3. My Short Version on Polyoma and PBFD

I have been breeding lovebirds for over a decade. But just have recently only focus exclusively on the lovebirds about 2008. Before this, I have bred many different species of birds. But because of the many variations and mutations of the lovebirds, I decided to stop breeding other birds. I try to breed for as many different varieties as possible. But still, my focus on the lovebirds is on the Turquoise mutation. They are one of the hardest and one of newest birds on the Roseicollis. If anyone is interested on the Turquoise you can click on the links to learn more, link #1 , link #2

Also, within the Turquoise mutation, there is also a *blue* mutation on the Roseicollis as well. That is the newest mutation on the Roseicollis. I am working on this mutation but will not have any available until the summer of 2015. However, I will be selling the turquoise mutation in the Spring of 2014. Because right now, I am trying to keep as many as I can to upgrade on my own program.

I am also working on the Lacewing(CinnamonIno) as well as the Recessive pied. If you want to know more about the recessive pieds please click on the link, link #1.

And, if you want to know more about the Lacewing(CinnamonIno), please also click on the link, link #1 , link #2

Internationally Shipping:

Anyone not here from the U.S and wanting to order from us, we do not take any International order at this point.

For more information on pricing, please click here click here.

To Anyone who has simply stumbled onto this web page, and has no idea what an opaline lovebird is: please click on the link below. This gives a brief description of the opaline mutation and how it occurred.



All of my lovebirds are individually bred in a specially designed safe aviary with a concrete floor. The sides are 1/2 plywood, 1/2 mesh and screen to keep out insects. This prevents any potential threat from rodents, or insects from bothering my lovebirds.My other deterrents are my four watch dogs: an English Mastiff, a German Shepherd- and the noisiest, two Chihuahua mixes!
My birds have access to fresh air, sun and shade , one of the many blessings of living in California. As you can see from my photos, I pride myself on keeping their quarters immaculate.

I created this website to become a self-help center, many basic questions have been answered in the breeding section of this site. I hope that you will turn there for answers first. If there is information that you do not understand, or need further clarification, you are welcome to email me .A lot of the information can be very complicated. I do recommend re-reading and writing your questions down. As for myself, the more I read, the more I am able to pick up certain things.

If you have any questions or comments about my birds or web page, please email me lovebirdfarms@yahoo.com. Or, you can click on the contact page.

Do to the fact that I am getting so much spam from people trying to sell me things, I will no longer provide my phone numbers. If you need to talk to me, just email me and I will give you my phone numbers.

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