Welcome to Tom's Lovebird Farm

 I am located in Southern Californai in Perris.  I think the most exciting mutation right now is the Japanese Hagaramo or known as teh Japanese crested Parakeets.  As you can see the picture on the top, the crested are on the head as well as on the back which is like flowers.   As for myself, I have been breeding many species and different mutations but this is very exciting.  I have not seen any mutations like this.  So, iI will be breeding a lot of these in the future.  If you want more information, you can definitely click on the Hagaramo link.  If you have more questions, you can email me. 


I am breeding the Parrotlets.  All of line is from Europe.  So, if you want them for breeding or pet, I will have them available. 


The other species I am breeding are Lineolated Parakeets, Green-Cheeked Conures, and English Parakeets, and Red Rump Grass Parakeets. However, I am continuing to add other species into my program as well.